Hand Conditions

Hand Conditions

There are several hand conditions that require orthopaedic hand specialists like Dr. Looi Kok Poh to offer effective and advanced diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of the hands in order for a person to have a pain free and healthy hands. Some of these hand conditions include hand cysts and tumors, finger conditions, arthritis, fractures, and tendon conditions. Others are hand nerve entrapment (carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome), Dupuytren contracture, DeQuervain disease, and ulnar nerve compression.

Each of these hand conditions could be treated with simple or complex surgical activities. Let’s examine a few of these common hand conditions briefly.

Hand Cysts and Tumors

Hand cysts and tumors are critical conditions of the hands. Any kind of unusual growth of any kind of cell group in the body is a tumor. However, it is not all tumors that are cancerous as many individuals are accustom to relating tumors to cancer. Thus, most hand tumors are not cancerous. The most common hand tumor is a ganglion cyst. It generally grows on the top or inside of the wrist. It is a fluid-filled sack that can put unnecessary pressure on the nerves and causing serious pains. However, another common hand tumor is giant cell tumor of tendons. This type of hand tumor is solid as against the other that is fluid filled.

It grows on the protective cover that covers the tendons in the hand. The ganglion cyst and the giant cell tumor of tendons may require hand surgery to remove the solid growth and the fluid-filled growths. Studies have shown that the majority of hand tumor are 69.7% found in phaleges, 24.7% in metacarpals, and 5.6% in the carpals.


Hand Nerve Entrapment

This is a condition when the protective covering surrounding the nerves in the hand can cause arms tightening or freezing leading to hand nerve entrapment. The two types of nerve entrapment are carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome. While carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when swelling of the tunnel and writs tendons it causes problems such as fingers movements’ difficulty, a sensation that the hand is swollen and burning pains in the fingers. Cubital tunnel syndrome is a condition where the ulnar nerves tunnel swells causing numbness and weakness of the fingers. Arthritis, cyst, and fracture may also cause cubital tunnel syndrome. However, both the carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome can be treated with simple surgery.



Arthritis is any kind of inflammation of the tissues that line your joints most times causing excruciating pains, swelling, and joint damages. There are two types of arthritis that most often than none affects the hands namely, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The osteoarthritis is a condition that allows the natural aging of a person to wear away some protective bonds in the hands, wrist, and elbow while rheumatoid arthritis is immune system attack that wears away cartilage lining between the small bones in the hands.

Hand arthritis cases have the appearance of cyst in the hand and cause extremely flexibility of nearby joints leading to paralysis. Hand osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis require surgery, especially where it comes joints replacements.


Finger Conditions

There are at least four finger conditions that may require surgery as soon as possible namely, mallet finger, nail bed injuries, skiers and goalkeepers thumbs, and trigger fingers. Mallet finger condition is a rupture of the tendons that causes the finger to bend down or a mallet shape. Though often times not painful but it could be very discomforting. Furthermore, when the bone under a nail is fractured, it causes nail bed injuries which tends to cause hematomas and blood pool under the nail. In the case of the skiers and goalkeepers thumbs being finger conditions, it is clear that the most common of all ligament tears is the tearing of the ligament at the base of the thumb. It is usually caused by falling on the outstretched hand and thumbs. It could be quite painful. Finally, the trigger finger is another finger condition which often leads to swelling in the tendons that control the fingers. One thing is common to all these finger conditions, surgery may be required for proper treatment of those conditions.


The Dupuytren Contracture

This is a condition of abnormal thickening of the tissue between the skin and the tendons in the hand which causes more fingers to bend towards the palm. It is a form of fibrous tissue when the condition increases and developing a small lump in the palms. Most times, the cause is not known and however observed in cases of occurrence to be a hereditary disease. It occurs more often in women in their later years. Surgery can remedy the situation in the early stages with the help of a qualified physician. Where you have a feeling of a small lump in your fingers consult your doctor.


Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

This is a chronic condition of burning pain, swelling, stiffness, including the discoloration of the arms and subsequent arm’s disablement. While the cause is not obviously unknown, the condition may, however, follow injury of blood and nerves vessels, fracture, cancer, or strokes. This condition could be acute, dystrophic and atrophic. The female-male ratio of this condition is 4:1 implying the condition most often than none affects women. In order for this condition to be well-treated surgery may be required. Therefore, where you experience this conditions, consult your doctor.



If you experience any of these hands and wrists conditions, consult your physician or a trusted hand surgeon like Dr Looi Kok Poh for immediate treatment at the early stages to escape complex surgery in the latter days.